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The Andrew Collins Newsletter - July 2014

Andrew standing within the doorway to Harran's astronomical tower (pic credit: Hugh Newman).

In this newsletter: Andrew visits Cape Town and Johannesburg, gets very ill, has strange visions and delusions featuring chameleons, hominids and wraith-like beings. Download MP3s of Andrew's two Cape Town gigs. Read a full run down of upcoming conferences and tours in which Andrew features, and get the latest on Andrew's Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods and Greg Little's Path of Souls.

London, Wednesday, July 11, 2014. Hi, I have just returned from South Africa following the Science, Consciousness and Ancient Civilizations Conference, which took place in Cape Town and Johannesburg. All went well at Cape Town, and free MP3s of both lectures are available at the following links:

1. LightQuest, Cygnus X-3 and Compact Stars as Intelligent Beings


2. Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods



A DVD of the Gobekli Tepe lecture only will be available shortly, along with those of other speakers, the details of which I'll provide when they become available.

Then after the conference at Cape Town, where both the venue and guest house was constantly cold, we visited an area of the Cape's famous Table Mountain, climbing that before lunchtime on a quite beautiful day. After reaching a site of natural beauty, a three-legged table stone mounted on a stone platform, with alignments to the equinoxes and solstices, I slipped away and entered a rock shelter that faced out across a valley with the Atlantic Ocean on the right-hand side (the Indian Ocean was just out of visibility on the other side).

Left, the view from the rock shelter on Table Mountain looking out toward the Atlantic Ocean.
Right, the tripod stone nearby, Professor Robert Schoch walking away on the left-hand side.

Cape Chameleon

Here I conducted a meditation and saw some rich imagery indeed. I saw a chameleon, and felt it was an important totemic symbol to local populations in the past. I felt it was seen as a symbol of the transformation of the soul due to the colour changes its body undergoes in order to create the perfect camouflage. I saw the chameleon in the night sky as a constellation, its curled tail wrapped around a tree branch, which I felt signified the cosmic axis or sky pole. It formed a tunnel highlighting the position of the southern celestial pole. Beyond this tunnel was, I sensed, a supposed place of the ancestors, and the fact that we were at the very southern tip of Africa made me realise that any ancestors thought to have existed in the south would have been connected with Antarctica, located immediately south of here! I am not sure whether the ancient peoples of the Cape really did see their ancestors as coming from Antarctica, but it was an odd thought never-the-less. Plus I sensed that if any of this was real, we were going back in terms hundreds of thousands of years, not just a few thousand years.

That night I attempted to check out a few of these ideas. Somehow in the back of my mind I must have known there was a chameleon constellation, but what I certainly didn't know is that it is made up of minor circumpolar stars that turn about the southern celestial pole. Although this asterism was created only in the seventeenth century, I sensed that the connection between the chameleon and the southern celestial pole was far older. I found also that there are a number of native South African folktales featuring the chameleon, including one in which the supreme god at the beginning of time sends the chameleon to inform humankind that following death comes resurrection and new life. However, the lizard overtook the chameleon on its journey and told humanity that there was only death after this life, which is why we don’t properly understand about the after life. Clearly, this tale makes its clear that the chameleon IS linked with the transmigration of the soul, most likely through its colour changes.

Another tale speaks of how the chameleon was sent by the supreme god to help instruct the first man and woman on what to do. In other words, it played the same role as the serpent of the Garden of Eden, but in reverse. It was a good influence, not a bad one, instructing humanity on the wisdom of life. (in contrast, correspondent Gavin Hanks tells me that in Zimbabwe the chameleon is greatly feared by people, perhaps because of its association with death and the afterlife.)

The other strange thing is that after leaving Table Mountain local earth mysteries researcher-writer Dean Liprini, who was conducting the tour, took the party to see another local site. It was a strange pyramidical hill with an eye-like hole penetrating its apex (see montage picture, which also shows the bead and wire chameleon). He later told me that this eye is aligned on the southern celestial meridian, on which lies the southern celestial pole, and around which revolve the circumpolar stars of the southern night sky. Dean believes this site would have been important to the local population thousands of years ago, even though the rock itself with its strange hole is almost certainly natural. He said it is also the site that naturally follows in his local matrix of sites after visiting the table stone, so he felt it important that I had picked up the chameleon material just before visiting this pyramid site. Apparently, a local species of chameleon, known as the Cape dwarf chameleon, is indigenous to the area, and has been seen in the vicinity of the pyramid site.

The pyramidical hill with the hole through its apex, which is apparently aligned toward the southern meridian line, around which the circumpolar stars revolve. It is located between Table Mountain, Noordhoek and Chapman's Peak on the Cape peninsular.

Wire and bead made chameleon.
As soon as we had left the mountain I saw and bought a wire and bead framed chameleon from a street vender. Dean and I spoke to him, and the man said that his true home was Zimbabwe, and that his father had told him stories about the chameleon when he was young. He couldn’t remember them now, but the memory was enough for him to include the creature among his creations today.

The upshot of all this is that Dean and his friends will look closer into the importance of the chameleon as a totem among the ancient peoples of the Cape area, while I suggested I would try and create a picture showing a background of stars with the chameleon's tail spiralling inwards, the southern celestial pole as its centre (if we have any budding artists out there who might like to take up this job, let me know).

A Great Illness

All this was on Monday, June 30, a beautiful and very memorable day. That night I started to cough slightly, and then by the time our traveling party, which included Brien Foerster and his wife, Robert Schoch and his wife Katie; Dean Liprini, speaker Dan Schrieber, Hugh Newman, Hugh's friend Gary King, who was filming the event; and the organisers Nash Singh and his partner Nisha, got to the airport for our transfer flights to Johannesburg, I was feeling rough indeed. On reaching the hotel I went straight to bed and experienced high fever as the rest of the tour party went out to Adam's Calendar and the Giant Footprint recently promoted by Michael Tellinger.

The next three days were simply awful, and quite terrifying. I couldn't really eat anything, and felt like death warmed up. I had strange delusions and hallucinations, in one of which I had to make this leap of faith through a hole into a primeval quagmire. I achieved this and found myself in a watery realm in which were tall wraith-like beings called "Anagwas," who started to move toward me. I didn't know whether they were friendly or hostile, and just wanted to get out of there. So I tried desperately to find the hole I had entered to reach this strange realm, otherwise, I felt, some part of my soul would be left behind here. Luckily, I did manage to find the hole, and so was able to raise my mind back into consciousness. I immediately checked out “Anagwas” and found it was a real African-rooted word, and can relate to a mythical creature of some kind. My own intuition is that the Anagwas are a messed up memory of something real that once existed in South Africa in a physical form, perhaps even the Homo erectus mentioned below.

At another point I found myself in a cave, being carried in there as a child on a fur blanket by tall hominids, whom I felt were very likely Homo erectus, who thrived on the Cape ca. 1.76 to 0.5 million years ago (I didn’t ask for this - I really didn't!). They laid me down among their group, and simply carried on their lives, which involved either sleeping or sitting down and gazing out on to the bay area beyond. This I recognised as a place called Noordhoek, which we had passed by the previous day.

I felt these hominids would not harm me, and sensed also that they were responsible for creating the large quartzite (Acheulean) handaxes found in the area. Somehow these beings saw them as the teeth of creatures, such as the shark. They served the save purpose, which was cutting, piecing and tearing. In Tibetan lamaism, so-called phurba daggers are thought to be the teeth of demons. I felt it was a similar case with the remarkable tools of these homininds, who pre-existing the arrival of anatomically modern humans by many hundreds of thousands of years.

Anyway, I came out of this vision and immediately starting feeling better. I actually felt as if I had broken the fever, sweating now as opposed to shivering as I had done on and off for the past three days (actually a sign of a high temperature).

The next day, the fourth, I finally got to see a doctor who confirmed I had an infection of unknown origin, as well as chronic bronchitis and an inflamed throat. He put me on a five-day course of antibiotics, and I did feel better.

Yet then, the next day, the first day of the Johannesburg conference, I got up and felt dreadful. I started experiencing terrifying hot flushes that surged through my body, as if something was trying to take me over. I started to panic, so tried to calm down and rang the doctor immediately. He came across, saw that my blood temperature had plummeted, and gave me an anti-inflammatory injection, which stabilized me. However, he insisted that I did not do the lecture that day, which was a great disappointment, but seemed the only option in the knowledge that my health had to come first.

The next day he returned. I felt better, and my blood pressure had risen again. My chest was better, and he admitted that the previous day he had begun to suspect that I might have pneumonia, but that thought had now passed. I was able to do my lecture, the second scheduled, on "Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods," but in all honesty I felt totally disconnected from the entire event. I simply could not get into it, and felt the venue dark and oppressive (unlike Cape Town, which was a great place, even though it was so, so cold there).

Anyway, I am back in the UK now, and under the care of the doctors here. I still feel pretty rough, but any symptoms seem at least do-able.

A few announcements....

Garden of Eden Tour

The Megalithomania Garden of Eden Tour, which visits a large number of prehistoric, sacred and ancient sites begins on September 1st. So if you want to go with myself and Hugh Newman to Göbekli Tepe - Karahan Tepe - Harran - Nemrut Dag - Çayönü - Sanliurfa: Nimrod's Castle, Pools of Abraham, Archaeological Museum - Diyarbakir Museum - Aktamar Island Church, Lake Van - Gate of Mehr - The Garden of Eden Monastery, Mus - Fountain of Immortality, Mushka - Bingöl Mountain, terrestrial Paradise and birthplace of the Anunnaki and Watchers (Ankara start). Plus a four-day optional extension to Petra, registar now at:


Any questions regarding the tour, address them either to me or Hugh at Megalithomania.co.uk.

Origins 2014 - the Origins of Civilization Conference

For a long time, it was thought that ‘Giants’ were simply fairy stories, but recent research into old documents, newspapers, journals, first hand reports and old academic publications, suggests these may be in fact be a reality. There are accounts in the Bible referencing giants, and Stonehenge was said to be built by Titans. Now there are archaeological reports from both areas that support this conclusion. Yet it is the discoveries in North America that have created the biggest controversy, because there are now at least 1,000 reports of a powerful giant race, some with double-rows of teeth, red-hair, elongated skulls and six fingers and toes, who existed across the continent from at least 8,000 BC. This evidence is putting the orthodox origins of human history into jeopardy.

At this year’s Origins 2014: the Origins of Civilization Conference in London on November 15, Hugh Newman will give us a whirlwind tour worldwide, focusing on giant skeletons found in the vicinity of ancient sites that may give an insight into how and why these prehistoric sites were built, as well as delve in to why this mystery was deliberately covered up.

Hugh is a writer, explorer, conference organiser, international lecturer. He is co-founder also of the Megalithomania conferences, and author of the book Earth Grids (2008). The talk is based on the work he has done with Jim Vieira for new book Giants on Record. He is just one of the speakers at Origins 2014. Others include Irving Finkel, Robert Temple, Brien Foerster (by skype), Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton and myself.

For registration and info on Origins 2014, click the link below:


Edgar Cayce's ARE Ancient Mysteries Conference, Virginia Beach, VA

I will try and highlight a few of the upcoming conferences I appear at later this year. The first is Edgar Cyace's ARE's Ancient Mysteries Conference on Oct 9-12 at Virginia Beach with Erich von Erich von Däniken, Giorgio A Tsoukalos, John Anthony West, anthropologist Dr. Susan B. Martinez, astronomy expert James Mullaney, FRAS, and more. I shall be talking about Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods. For info and registration go to the link below:


Paradigm Conference, Minneapolis, MN

I shall also be attending the Paradigm conference in Minneapolis on Oct 2-5, with a whole host of speakers including Erich von Däniken, Robert Bauval, Richard Dolan, Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, Nick Redfern, and many, many more. See the link below for more information and registration.


IMAC Conference, Southend, Essex, UK

I am also at the Interdimensional Minds of Awareness Conference in Southend, Essex, UK, on Saturday, August 23rd, alongside a whole host of speakers on alternative topics. This is one of the best organised events I attend, and would fully recommend it to all my friends in Essex and the UK in general. It is a great opportunity to get together to exchange ideas, and for a general get together and reunion. I shall be giving a newly revised LightQuest lecture, which features Gobekli Tepe, Cygnus X-3 and the connection between compact stars and the appearance of plasma-based UFOs and proto-intelligences existing beyond normal space-time.

Link for this conference is:


That's about it for now.


Hope you have now had a chance to read your copy of Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods. If you have, do let me know your verdict. I would be interested to have feedback. Also can I ask you to write a review for Amazon or Barnes and Noble. This is now very important for authors like myself to increase the ranking and promotion of books.

Also I shall be selling signed copies of Greg Little's new book “Path of Souls” shortly. This includes a substantial section by myself on giant skeletons as human hybrids, and the Paleolithic origins of Native American star myths featuring Orion, Cygnus and the Milky Way. When the copies are here, I'll write again. In the meantime, read more about the book here:


Best wishes,


Göbekli Tepe:
Genesis of the Gods
(Published by Bear & Co, Rochester, VM