Your Guide to Seeing and Interacting with UFOs, Mystery Lights and Plasma Intelligences


A New Book by Andrew Collins


LightQuest is a new concept in seeing and investigating the UFO
phenomenon. It sees the phenomena observed as the product of
intelligence light forms that have co-existed with humanity since time
immemorial. It reveals what they are, how to see them, where to see them
and what to do if you do see them.

Since the modern flying saucer era began in 1947 we have been
conditioned to see UFOs as interplanetary craft and their occupants either
as intergalactic ambassadors or invaders from space. Tales of crashed
saucers, ancient astronauts, and the alien agenda dominate UFO literature
and media presentations, but has this led us astray?

Evidence now points to UFOs, mystery lights, and alien intelligences being
far more exotic than we have ever imagined. They now can be seen as
sentient energy forms and complex plasma constructs—manifestations of a
higher dimensional reality that was in the past seen as the Realm of Faerie.
LightQuest shows that the UFO phenomenon is deeply rooted in everything
from quantum entanglement to multi-dimensional experiences, strange
worlds that interpenetrate our own and even psychic communication. Even
the alien abduction is described, defined and clearly understood for the first

The book acts also as a field guide to some of Britain and the United
States' top UFO hotspots.

Locations include:

USA - Roswell, New Mexico; Piedmont. Missouri; Marfa,
Texas; Allagash, Maine; Brown Mountain, North Carolina; Indian Head
Rock, New Hampshire; Yakima/Mt. Adams, Washingon State

UK - Avebury, Alton Barnes, Warminster, Aveley, Peak District, and

Heavily illustrated throughout with numerous maps, photos and illustrations
including an 8-page 24-colour photo insert.

Contains an extensive Introduction by Gregory L. Little, author "People
of the Web" and "The Archetype Experience".

Guide book format. Textured cover. 415 pages. Many maps and illustrations. Index. Colour plates

Price Inclusive of postage and packing:

UK - £16.50 USA - $ 36.50 Europe - Euro 27 Rest of the World - £25

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