xiii. The Road to Rostau

Technical engineer Rodney Hale, working along side me with my research into the Cygnus mystery, decided to see what might happen if he overlay the principal stars of Cygnus over the Pyramids of Giza. The connection was precise, even more so that if one were to do the same with the stars of Orion, previously linked with the ancient astronomy of the Pyramid Age.

A closer examination of the geometry of the Giza plateau showed that during the Pyramid age Deneb rose exactly in line with the ancient cult centre of Heliopolis, once linked to ancient Giza via a sacred road. This was also the approximate orientation of the Giza pyramids, which are also known to target Heliopolis. In addition to this, the orientation of the three pyramids matches the setting of Cygnus on the north-western alignment during the same epoch.

Thus we can see that during the Pyramid Age the stars of Cygnus, Deneb in particular, would seem to have played an active role in the rise of this famed necropolis of the ancient world. What is more, Deneb, we find, might easily have been employed, symbolically at least, in the Stretching of the Cord foundation ceremony, known to have been used to orient buildings including pyramids such as the ones at Giza.