Andrew Collins Newsletter - September 2016 - Deep Space Special!

In this issue: Origins 2016 Update and Tickets. Tour to Cambodia and Java in March 2017. Earth's Cousin Discovered. Strange radio signal detected coming from deep space by Russian team. Latest on KIC 8462852 - a dead star walking? Neutron star Cygnus X-3 bursts back into life. News books from Richard Ward and Paul Weston

Hope this newsletter finds you well. There is now just 60 days until this year's Origins 2016 conference, which takes place in London on Saturday/Sunday, November 12th/13th. There is a host of major speakers appearing both on the Saturday and Sunday. On the former we shall hear from Graham Phillips, on his amazing discoveries regarding the search for King Arthur's tomb; Robert Bauval, will provide the best case for the Orion Correlation Theory (OCT) at Giza, while I will be presenting an alternative vision behind the evolution of the Giza pyramid field. This will reveal a strikingly simple underlying geometry with precision alignments towards the stars of Cygnus in both the horizontal and vertical plane.

William Henry from the USA, will be examining the clues left to us in ancient Hebrew and Vedic texts regarding the lost technology of what he calls the angels, or Watchers, which is truly fascinating stuff. Maria Wheatley presents the very latest evidence on the evolution of Stonehenge, showing that the power elite behind its creation were long-headed and used artificial deformation to extend the lengths of their craniums. Hugh Newman will deliver an audio-visual presentation on the origins of the Olmec culture of Central Mexico, focusing on their fabulous art and sacred architecture.


Atlantis and the Native American Death Journey

On the Sunday we welcome from the USA Greg Little and his wife Lora Little, both of whom will deliver key note lectures in the morning. Greg will provide a compelling audio-visual presentation on the Native American death journey and its cosmic geography, which features just three asterisms - Cygnus, Orion and Scorpio, the last two acting as sky portals onto the Milky Way. Cygnus and the fork or cleft created by the northern opening to the Milky Way's Dark Rift or Cygnus Rift signified the point of entry into the afterlife proper. Greg has been examining Native American mound complexes across the United States and has found that many feature mount-to-mound alignments toward both Cygnus and Orion, as well as alignments to the sun at midwinter. He will be revealing his findings in this exclusive UK date.

Greg's latest research has focused on the Liberty Group mound complex in Ross County, Ohio, where even more alignments to Cygnus, Orion and the midwinter sun have recently been confirmed.

The cover to Greg's new updated encyclopedia of Native American Mounds and Earthworks.

Lora Little will present her and Greg extraordinary underwater discoveries in Bahaman waters. These include harbours, quays and architectural structures that might have been constructed before the dramatic rise in sea-level following the end of the last Ice Age, ca 9600 BC. One structure is of special interest. This is Brown's Ruins, south of Bimini, which could constitute evidence not only of Plato's lost island continent of Atlantis, but also of a massive cataclysm that drowned the region following a comet impact around 10,800 BCE.


EarthQuest Core Event

In the afternoon on the Sunday we shall be doing something slightly different. Under the banner of the EarthQuest Core Event various key researchers will attempt to show why understanding intuitive processes is important in the exploration of key sites such as Gobekli Tepe and Giza. You will hear from Richard Ward, whose new book Echoes from the Primal Grimoire has just been released (see below). He will explain how key figures of the past made contact with alleged otherworldly personalities, whose manifestation had a deep impact on their work and studies. He will demonstrate how we can use similar processes today to advance our own knowledge of the past.

Graham Phillips, fresh from his lecture on King Arthur the previous day, will in his own inimitable way explain how communications with the unseen world triggered his own career in the world of alternative archaeology, and how the audience can initiate similar periods of creativity.

Conference manager, esoteric philosopher and researcher Debbie Benstead-Cartwright, co-author with Storm Constantine of the book The Inward Revolution (1998), will continue where Richard and Graham left off, explaining the importance of using intuitive dreams and visions to trigger new research projects.

Writer and priestess of the goddess Caroline Wise, the author and editor of Finding Eden: The Questing for Elen of the Ways (2015), will explain how communication with the goddess through inspired dreams and vision questing aided her in understanding the origins of the goddess Elen, and how this can lead to very real occurrences in the physical world.

All of these core event talks will be half an hour in duration, and will close with a talk by myself on why I believe that discoveries regarding Giza and Gobekli Tepe are coming out at this time. I shall be advocating the use of intuitive processes to communicate with unseen worlds. I will then conduct a coordinated meditation based on these ideas, where, collectively, we shall reach out to the perceived non-human intelligences seen as representative of the emerging picture building at this time in the ancient mysteries movement.

The event should end around five o'clock.

All this is your for a Weekender ticket rate of £76

Cost per person for Saturday only - £52, and for the Sunday event £26

The venue is Steiner House Theatre, Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT

Conference Times: Saturday, November 12th - 10am - 9pm (doors open 9.30am)

Sunday, November 13th - 10am - 4pm (doors open 9.30am)

Click for more information and ticket registration


Cambodia and Java Tour

If you fancy joining Hugh Newman of Megalithomania and myself in Cambodia and Java in March 2017, why not check out this upcoming tour we have arranged in concert with Travel the Unknown. It takes in various sites in the Angkor Wat area, including all the major temples. We will also visit the Hindu-Buddhist temple complex of Preah Vihear, where you will see a style of megalithic architecture in one structure unlike any of the other buildings. A case can be made for this structure dating back to an earlier age of activity at the site.

From Cambodia we shall be travelling on to Java, where you will see the megalithic complex of Gudung Padang, which could easily be pre-8000 BC in origin. Our guide for the tour of the site will be geologist Danny Hilman, who has done such great work bringing the previously unknown core architecture of Gudung Padang to the notice of the archaeological world. We shall also visit the incredible Hindu-Buddhist temple complex of Borobudur as well as various other key sites, including the location where one of our earliest ancestors, Java Man, was found by anthropologist Eugène Dubois in 1891.

Click for more information on this unique tour to Cambodia and Java.


Earth's Cousin Found

Some great things are going on in the skies right now. Earth's twin or cousin has been found in the form of a planet orbiting the star Proxima Centauri, which lies in the constellation of Centaurus. More importantly, it is just four light years away, so hopes of sending a probe here are high.

The planet, which is located in what astronomers call the goldilock's zone, in other words the habitable zone, has been christened Proxima B, and there is already talk that the atmosphere might have air to support life.

Some are even going so far as to say that aliens from a planet surrounding Proxima Centauri are already in contact with the human race, this information having been conveyed via a channelled source around 60 years ago. It stated that the aliens from a planet surrounding Proxima Centauri are known as the "Cenos." They are humanoid in appearance, about 8 to 8.5 feet tall and with a strength of five humans. Their diet consists of tasteless pills, and there is no need for them to sleep, apparently. The channelled source, identified as another alien who came to be known as "Hands," (that's what it says) claimed that the Cenos have visited earth on numerous occasions and interacted with various ancient civilizations, making them true ancient astronauts. The whole story was revealed in a book titled Hands: The True Account - A Hypnotic Subject Reports on Outer Space, written by Margaret Williams and Lee Gladden and published in 1976. It describes how a group of Californian psychologists used hypnosis to connect with Hands, who is a being described as large, dome-shaped, eight-handed and quite friendly, "with an intelligence that was perhaps somewhere between that of a human and a dog." (Again, that's what it says).

I am certain that the authors of Hands could not have imagined that 40 years after the book's release it would become one of the most sought after books on communication with extra-terrestrial intelligences for a very long time. I checked online after I heard about the story, but saw that copies of the book were going for GBP 50 ($65) upwards. If anyone has one lying around, which they might like to pass on, let me know. I'd like to have a read, see what it says.

Here is the story revealing details of the Cenos, and here's the Amazon entry for the book, which is now, inevitably, unavailable.

Artist's impression of what things might look like on earth's cousin, Proxima B.


Mysterious Signal from Space

Then we have the Russians receiving a mysterious radio signal from deep space, which is being touted as evidence of a possible extra-terrestrial communication. The signal broadcast was actually received in 2015 by a radio telescope in the Caucasus. It is said to have come from coordinates matching the position of a star named HD 164595, which lies about 94 light years away in the constellation of Hercules.

At the end of August the SETI Institute began focusing the Allen Telescope Array (ATA), an system of radio dishes in Northern California, at HD 164595. Seth Shostak, the SETI director, says he hopes that confirmation of the signal can be found.

The problem is that the Russian-based team that recorded the broadcast say that on the 39 occasions they have directed their telescope toward HD 164595 they have only recorded the signal once. So the chances of SETI finding anything seems slim. Shostak is certainly not holding his breath, apparently saying that the signal was most likely "terrestrial interference," in other words it came from an earth-orbiting satellite of some kind.

"Without a confirmation of this signal, we can only say that it's 'interesting,'" Shostak stated in a blog post about the reported signal.

Is this going to be another Wow! Signal? in other words interesting but little else? Probably not even that unless further evidence can be provided to support the unusual nature of the broadcast.

Russian radio telescope in the Caucasus that picked up the anomalous signal from deep space.

KIC 8462852 Update - A dead star walking?

Last October we brought you news of a star up in the Cygnus constellation named KIC 8462852. It was acting weird. Every so often its light was dimming by up to 22 percent, suggesting that something big and irregular was passing in front of it. Jason Wright of Penn State University was bold enough to suggest that what might be responsible for this dip in the light was an alien megastructure, a Dyson sphere, that absorbs the star's solar energy so that it might be channelled for use by an extra-terrestrial civilization living on a planet in a nearby star system. Others, more soberly, proposed that the answer lay either in a swarm of comets encircling the star, or the wobbling motion of a young star surrounded by gas clouds. Since then there has been a storm of debate over what is going out there, although we should recall, of course, that KIC 8462852, otherwise known as Tabby's Star, is 1,480 years away. So it takes this long for its light, and its weirdness, to reach us.

The latest news is that a careful examination of 1,600 photos taken of KIC 8462852 in as many days between 2011 and 2015 has revealed something very disturbing indeed. In addition to the periodic dips of light of up to 22 percent, the star is losing its luminosity at a disturbing pace.

Across the first 1,000 days Kepler of observations, the star's light was found to have dimmed at a rate of around 0.34 percent per year. That isn't too bad, you might say. Yet over the next 200 days the star's brightness dropped by more than 2 percent before slowing down during the final days of observation (since then observations of KIC 8462852 using Kepler have been impossible as its lense adjustor is broken, meaning it cannot be repositioned manually). This means that in just under four and a half years the star has lost around 3 percent of its total luminosity. The two Caltech scientists who made the study (click to download the pre-print) also examined data from 193 nearby stars, as well as 355 stars that closely resemble Tabby's star and couldn't find anything else like it.

So if this study is correct in its findings, then this star is on a suicide course. A quick calculation suggests that if it continues to lose its light at a rate of 3 percent per year then it will cease to exist in just over 150 years! Or should I say, it will cease to exist around AD 686, just in time for King Cædwalla of Wessex to establish his overlordship of Essex in Anglo-Saxon England and Pope John V to die in Rome after a 12-month reign in which he has made handsome donations to the poor. Oh, sometimes it's confusing, isn't it!

Artist's impression of the alien megastructure surrounding KIC 8462852 (pic credit: Andrew Collins).

Little Green Men-2

Anyway, quite clearly the demise of KIC 8462852 is something that will be played out in our own life times as well. I honesty don't believe it will disappear in just 150 years, although something is drastically wrong up there, and astronomers are trying to find out what. Clearly, it is not a swarm of comets causing all this mess, nor a young star spinning around with a dust cloud in front of it, so could the star's loss of luminosity really be down to an alien megastructure sucking away the star's energy at an alarming rate? Astronomers out there would love to tell you what they think might be going on. Yet not one will, because of three little letters - LGM. Indeed, cynics and skeptics are already referring to Tabby's Star as LGM-2.

So what is LGM, you ask?

LGM stands for Little Green Men, and LGM-1 was the name given to the source of a deep space radio signal detected back in 1967. Some astrophysicists genuinely supported the view that the signal was intelligent in origin and derived from an extra-terrestrial civilization. When it was eventually realised that the incredibly fast EM pulses were in fact coming from a fast-spinning neutron star called a pulsar there were a lot of scientists left with red faces. LGM-1 became PSR 1919+21 (PSR = pulsar) and the whole matter was dropped, but not forgotten. The acronym LGM became a warning to astronomers of the consequences of openly advocating aliens as a solution to an astronomical or astrophysical enigma. The LGM-2 tag now being applied to Tabby's Star is also a warning directed at those who prematurely claim that aliens are responsible for something they simply have no real answers for right now.

And this is right, we don't have all the answers right now, but secretly we can all speculate! Personally, I believe there is something quite extraordinary going on up there, although I do not believe that we have anything to worry about. I don't think there are aliens going around in megastructures sucking the life out of main sequence stars. It is possible, however, that what we are seeing is a natural process that occurs in the galaxy that necessitates the involvement of hyper-dimensional intelligences existing outside of normal space-time. Just a thought!

Anyway, here is the latest developments in the mystery as told by Centauri Dreams.


Cygnus X-3 Returns

Cygnus X-3 is a binary star, a so-called microquasar, consisting of a neutron star and black hole candidate revolving around a much larger main sequence star known as a Wolf-Rayet. It is located 23,000 light years from our solar system and every so often it ejects enormous jets of plasma that penetrate into the stellar medium vaporising everything in their path. When this happens these so-called relativistic jets increase the star's emission of radio waves by thousands of times. In addition to this there is also a dramatic release of electro-magnetic radiation on multiple frequencies including ultra high energy gamma rays.

However, in the 1980s particle detection facilities deep underground in various parts of the northern hemisphere started registering incoming cosmic rays that were coming in waves of approximately 4.8 hours per cycle. Only one stellar object had an orbital period of 4.8 hours and this was Cygnus X-3, suggesting that this was the point of origin of these strange cosmic rays. Usually cosmic rays emitted by stars, including those produced by our own sun, are positively charged (that is, more positrons than neutrons), which means they are affected by magnetic fields such as those that permeate the inner solar system and surround the earth. This meant that the cosmic rays coming from Cygnus X-3 without interuption had to be both neutral in charge and extremely powerful in nature (neutrally charged particles like neutrinos are not affected by magentic fields). So powerful were the cosmic rays from Cygnus X-3 that they could pass through the earth's atmosphere without being effected, and then penetrate the ground for distances of anything up to 200-300 metres before, finally, colliding with atoms and molecules in the underlying bedrock and breaking up into secondary particles known as muons. So unusual were the particles from Cygnus X-3 that they were christened cygnets, children of the swan. Many particle physicists attempted to better define them, but further experiments to try and replicate earlier results led to nothing.

Since the 1980s the nature and even the existence of cygnets has been questioned, although their exclusive appearance in deep underground environments during the 1980s and 1990s led me in my book The Cygnus Mystery (2006) to suggest that they may have played a role in the mutation and updating of human DNA. Such ideas, although controversial, were not new; the scientist, writer and cosmologist Carl Sagan suggesting that cosmic rays contributed to human evolution in his ground-breaking book The Cosmic Connection, which first appeared in 1973.

Since the publication of The Cygnus Mystery I have written extensively on Cygnus X-3, cosmic rays and human evolution (see here, here and here).

Anyway, periodically Cygnus X-3 goes into what is known as a quenched state, and when this happens its x-ray emissions are reduced to a minimum. Astrophysicists recognise this as the prelude to a major radio flare caused by the powerful emission of a relativistic jet, which, incidentally, is directed toward our solar system (a fact leading to Cygnus X-3 being proposed as the galaxy's first microblazar). When this happens astronomers post on something known as The Astronomer's Telegram, encouraging telescope arrays around the world to point them towards Cygnus X-3 in anticipation of the production of a major flare. This is exactly what happened in August this year.

After going into a quenched state and producing a series of minor flares, Cygnus X-3 burst back into life at the end of the month with the appearance of an enormous plasma jet that must have been unimaginable to behold. There is little question that accompanying this jet would have been extremely high levels of cosmic rays that would have reached the earth and penetrated deep underground before dissipating away. If you could have been underground in the total darkness at this time you would have seen phosphenes, bursts of light in front of your eyes. It would even have been possible to record the passage of cygnets through underground cave systems using normal digital cameras.

Some of the phosphenes seen by the human eye are cosmic rays passing through the watery part of the eye. This is something that the ancients would unquestionably have been aware of, leading perhaps to religious or ecstatic experiences, which in turn would have led to bursts of creativity and inspiration.

Even though the emissions from Cygnus X-3 remain high (as of September 12, 2016), the plasma jet is now, almost certainly, on its last legs. So make sure you don't miss the next one. Keep up to date with posts on The Astronomer's Telegram for further news on the activities of Cygnus X-3 and other neutron stars and black holes out there.

Artist's impression of a neutron star or black hole candidate like Cygnus X-3 ejecting twin relativistic jets into the stellar medium.


Two New Books

My friends and colleagues have been busy putting the finishing touches on books recently. As mentioned earlier, Richard Ward has his first major book published this autumn. Entitled Echoes from the Primary Grimoire, it is published by Von Oz. As stated above, it relates to communications with alleged entities and the impact of these communications on the real world. It focuses on the writings and mythos of horror writer H. P. Lovecraft and the magical work of twentieth century occultist Kenneth Grant. Yet the book covers much more including certain incidents surrounding my introduction to the importance of the Cygnus constellation back in 2004 and my contact with Kenneth Grant. Anyway, copies are available now direct from the US publisher.

Front cover of Richard Ward's new book Echoes from the Primal Grimoire.

Paul Weston has a new book out called The Michael Line, the Qabalah and the Tarot, which is an esoteric exegesis of the St Michael Line ley running from Hopton-on-Sea in Norfolk to St Michael's Mount in Cornwall. It was first conceived of by earth mysteries visionary John Michell during a flash of inspiration back in the 1960s and was popularised by Paul Broadhurst and Hamish Miller in their bestselling book The Sun and the Serpent (1989). However, as far back as 1981 the Michael Line was the scene of a psychic quest by Graham Phillips and myself which became known as the Nine Lights of Knowledge (an original inspiration behind James Redfield's novel The Celestine Prophecy (1993) some claim). On this quest Graham and I were guided to visit a series of nine key ancient sites along the line, including Wayland Smithy long barrow, Avebury stone circle, Glastonbury Tor and the Hurlers stone circle complex. The background to the Lights of Knowledge quest is contained in Paul's new book since the nine principal sites visited each reflected one of the nine sephira of the Qabalah, creating a working system that can still be used today by the Michael Line pilgrim. The book also features the Michael Line rally of 1991, which resulted in Debbie Benstead-Cartwright's psychic retrieval of a metal lion and unicorn cap badge within the ruins of the ruined church at Hopton-on-Sea in Norfolk. Paul's book is available now.

Cover of Paul Weston's new book The Michael Line, the Qabalah and the Tarot.

That's about it for now. Look forward to seeing some of you at the Origins 2016 conference.