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Andrew Collins Newsletter - October 10, 2016

In this newsletter: Denisovan and Neanderthal Legacy - new books, video and Graham Hancock joins the race - Greg Little's latest article on the archaeoastronomy of Native American mound sites - Graham Phillips' releases video on the search for the tomb of King Arthur - complete timetable and schedule for Origins 2016 outlined in full


Denisovan and Neanderthal Legacy – Complete DVD video from Andrew Collins and new books on the subject

I am happy to learn that Graham Hancock's new book will be on the Denisovans and their impact on the lost civilization and the giants of North America. I have been banging on about this subject for four years now, and proposed in writing in 2014 that the North American giants were hybrid descendants of the Denisovans and Neanderthals in my contribution to Greg Little's book "Path of Souls," the first publication to make this link. This work was also acknowledged in Jim Vieira and Hugh Newman's book Giants on Record, which came out in 2015. The evidence is undeniable, and I am glad to know that Graham Hancock has discovered this also.

My entire lecture on the Denisovans and Neanderthals and their impact on the foundation of human civilization delivered to the Origins 2014 audience in London has now been uploaded, so you can watch it in full, for free!

It gives you a good taster of my own forthcoming book, which will be published by Inner Traditions. This is the link:


Thanks to Hugh Newman for uploading this lecture, and Debbie Cartwright for alerting me to the importance of the Denisovans some six years ago. Also Russell Hossain for his incredible reconstruction of what a Denisovan hybrid would have looked like (see below), as exclusively revealed in this ground-breaking lecture.

Here is the blurb to Lost World of the Human Hybrids: Watchers, Giants and the True Founders of Civilization - DVD presentation from ANDREW COLLINS

"Andrew Collins, co-organiser of the Origins Conference and author of Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods, demonstrates how the Watchers and Nephilim of the book of Enoch, and the Anunnaki of Mesopotamian mythology, are the memory of Neanderthal-human hybrids called Swiderians who entered eastern Anatolia from the north at the time of the Younger Dryas mini ice age, ca. 10,900-9600 BC. Andrew reveals the much wider impact these Neanderthal-human hybrids had on the rise of civilization. He examines also our ancestors relationship to the newly discovered hominin species called the Denisovans, showing that the giant skeletons found at numerous mound sites in the United States are the result of hybridization between Denisovans and Homo sapiens. He looks also at the Denisovans presence in southeast Asia, showing how in Java the Denisovans are perhaps remembered as the Raksasas, a giant race said to have been the earliest inhabitants of the island. Did they also leave behind as a legacy the breathtaking megalithic complex of Gunung Padang in West Java, which new geological surveys suggest could be as much as 24,000 years old?"

If you want to purchase the DVD of the lecture it is available at the following link:


For more on Graham Hancock’s new research project, which will show that the Denisovans might well have been behind the foundaton of North America's most advanced prehistoric societies (something that Greg Little and I exclusively revealed in Path of Souls, and will be writing about again in our respective new books), read this following piece he published recently on Facebook:


Greg Little’s Latest Article

Read Greg Little's latest article on the astronomical alignments of Native American mound complexes. This time he looks at Fairfield Township Works, Butler Co., Ohio, which, like so many other Hopewell period sites, reflects a deep interest in the Native American death journey, which centres around the Milky Way as the so-called Path of Souls. On the subject he says: "This Path of Souls ritual took place on the evening of the Winter Solstice (December 21) and involved Orion’s Nebula and the Cygnus Constellation.

The key alignments for the death ritual on the Winter Solstice were the sunset itself, the setting point of Cygnus (specifically the star Deneb), and the rising and setting points of Orion’s Nebula. It was also important that a body of water be located to the west and that the constellation of Scorpius not be visible during the night." Learn even more about the Path of Souls at Greg's lecture at the Origins 2016 Conference in London on Sat/Sun, November 12/13. For more information and immediate registration:


Graham Phillips' Search for the Tomb of King Arthur

As a taster of Graham Phillips' lecture on the tomb of King Arthur at Origin 2016 have a watch of this short video he put together outlining his research, and showing the exact location of where he believe’s the legendary British king is buried.


More on all this at the conference, the timetable for which is as follows.

For further information and immediate registration, go to:


Schedule for Origins 2016: Conference of the Origins of Civilization, Steiner House, London, NW1 on Saturday/Sunday, November 12th/13th.

Saturday Programme

9.15am – doors open

10am – Opening Address Andrew Collins

10.10am – Hugh Newman

Hugh has travelled around Mexico, Guatemala, Hondurus and Belize in search of the pre-Mayan megalithic civilization that flourished as far back as 7000BC. The Mayans have been credited with introducing a sophisticated calendar, agricultural practices and incredible stonework. Yet it is now thought that the 'Olmec' invented the Long Count calendar that ended in 2012 and taught the Maya much of what they knew, and were experts in the use of psychoactive substances and altered states. This suggests they received their knowledge from the shamanic realm and shared it with other cultures. Hugh explores the legend of Quetzalcoatl, a bearded god (who is carved in stone at several Olmec sites) and gives an overview of the incredible Olmec civilization, looking at their controversial theories of their origins, their influence and architecture that were later inherited by the Maya and other Central American cultures.

Hugh Newman is a world explorer, megalithomaniac and author of Earth Grids: The Secret Pattern of Gaia’s Sacred Sites and co-author of Giants On Record America’s Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files. He lives in Glastonbury, England. His websites are www.megalithomania.co.uk and www.hughnewman.co.uk

11.30am – William Henry

Angels are not just incorporeal beings, messengers of God, intermediaries between heaven and earth. Nor are they simply the memory of ancient shamans adorned in cloaks of vulture feathers responsible for the genesis of western civilization. The angels and Watchers of Enochian tradition are also light beings that in past ages have provided humanity with profound knowledge of spiritual technologies, enabling our ancestors to communicate with the creative source and achieve bodily ascension. William Henry provides important clues to this lost spiritual technology, which has been preserved in everything from renaissance art to Christian gnosticism, Hindu and Buddhist sacred texts, and the teachings of western mystery schools.

William Henry is an investigative mythologist, author and TV personality. For over twenty years, he has been a trusted voice on the subject of human ascension and our interactions with otherwordly beings and technologies. His TV show, "Arcanum" and "The Awakened Soul", airs on Gaia TV. He is also the spiritual voice of the History Channel’s hit TV series Ancient Alien, airing globally. Along with his wife, Clare, he leads tour to Egypt, France, England, Italy and Turkey. His website is www.williamhenry.net.

12.30pm – lunch

2pm – Maria Wheatley - Stonehenge: Monuments and Murder

Stonehenge is world famous and the most excavated monument in the British Isles. Yet, despite numerous investigations, research and projected theories much remains uncertain. Maria explores the oldest sites that surround Stonehenge taking a new look at the prehistoric landscape. She reveals the early monumental building phase of long barrows, causewayed enclosures and Stonehenge Phase 1. From oval causewayed enclosures to elongated Cursus monuments, the distant past comes alive by coming face to face with the people that constructed them. Their history reads like a murder mystery novel; yet as Maria Wheatley will demonstrate the evidence is clear - a genocide occurred close to Stonehenge, one that is only now being revealed for the very first time.

Maria Wheatley is a professional dowser who was taught by European master dowsers and Chinese geomants. She is the author and co-author of various books on sacred sites and dowsing. Maria has studied Neolithic Britain and Bronze Age prehistory with the University of Bath. She combines her knowledge of archaeology, and earth energies with state of the art equipment to locate, detect and interpret the hidden frequencies that the Earth emits. Her findings challenge our understanding of sacred sites. Her websites are www.theaveburyexperience.co.uk and

3.30 pm – Graham Phillips – The Quest for the Lost Tomb of Arthur

Graham Phillips, author of The Lost Tomb of King Arthur, identifies a historical figure behind the legend of King Arthur, and searches for his capital city and long-lost tomb. During a quest lasting over twenty-five years, he has followed a fascinating trail of historical clues showing Arthur to have been a living warrior who led the Britons around the year 500. He has discovered that the legendary Camelot, Excalibur and Avalon were based on a real city, a real sword and a real island. And, most astonishing of all, with the help of archaeologists employing the very the latest scientific equipment, Graham has found what he claims to be Arthur’s final resting place.

Graham Phillips is a British non-fiction author who has investigated historical mysteries since the 1980s. He has investigated such enigmas as King Arthur, Robin Hood, and the death of Alexander the Great, as well as researched various biblical conundrums such as the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant. Phillips has written seventeen published books on these subjects and has appeared in many broadcast documentaries over the years. His website is www.grahamphillips.net

5pm – Robert Bauval – What is the True Purpose of the Great Pyramid?

Hundreds of theories to explain the purpose and function of the Great Pyramid. Most ignore the intense astronomical and mathematical coding that is incorporated in the design and alignment of this extraordinary monument, as well as the cosmology expounded in the Pyramid Texts. Uncannily, the astronomy provides a specific "address" in our Milky Way Galaxy, and the mathematics provides irrational constants, ratios and prime numbers which, together, strangely resemble the "universal language" of science. Furthermore, the cosmology derived from the Pyramid Texts uncannily resembles modern scientific cosmologies and the latest cutting-edge ideas in quantum physics and neuroscience. In his talk Robert Bauval will explore the possibility of “Intelligent Design” in relation to the Great Pyramid, and will postulate that this monument, as well as the whole Giza ensemble including the Sphinx, may be the quintessential “message in a bottle” across time and space.

Robert Bauval was born in Egypt in 1948. In 1983 Bauval developed the Orion Correlation Theory (OCT) and published his first paper in 1989 in the Oxford Journal Discussions in Egyptology. His first book The Orion Mystery (1994) was a No.1 bestseller and is in more than twenty-five languages. His has since written fifteen other books on related subject, and is currently working on a book with astrobiologist Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe. Bauval has appeared on TV channels worldwide. He lives in Spain with his wife Michele. His website is www.robertbauval.co.uk

6.15 – Evening break – 30 minutes

6.45 – Andrew Collins – Genesis and Evolution of the Giza Pyramids

For the last twelve years Andrew Collins has worked with chartered engineer Rodney Hale to understand the genesis and evolution of the Giza pyramid field. Together they have discovered a simple and previously unrecognised underlying geometry embracing not only the three main pyramids at Giza, but also the Sphinx monument. Andrew outlines their new approach to understanding the layout of the Giza pyramid field, which illustrates how during the epoch of their construction, ca. 2550-2500 BCE, the Giza Pyramids were locked into very specific alignments involving key stars of the constellation of Cygnus. He explains why Cygnus was so crucial to the ancient Egyptians' view of the afterlife, and demonstrates also how this stunning new vision of the Giza plateau provides compelling evidence that the proto-Sphinx, or Sphinx knoll, must have played a key role at Giza even before the creation of its famous pyramid field.

Andrew Collins was born in 1957. He is a writer, explorer, international lecturer and author of a large number of books that challenge the way we see the past, including The Cygnus Mystery (2006), From the Ashes of Angels (1996), Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods (2014), and Atlantis in the Caribbean and the Comet that Changed the World (2016). He is co-organiser of the Origins conferences with Hugh Newman. His website is www.andrewcollins.com

8pm – panel debate if time permits

Sunday Programme

Doors open – 9.15am

Origins 2016 welcomes special guests from the USA Dr Greg Little and his wife Dr Lora Little, both of whom will deliver keynote lectures in the morning.

10am – Lora Little – The Search for Atlantis in the Bahamas and Caribbean

Lora Little will present her and Greg extraordinary underwater discoveries in Bahaman waters. These include harbours, quays and architectural structures that might have been constructed before the dramatic rise in sea-level following the end of the last Ice Age. One structure is of special interest. This is Brown's Ruins, south of Bimini, which could constitute evidence not only of Plato's lost island continent of Atlantis, but also of a massive cataclysm that drowned the region following a comet impact around 10,800 BCE.

11.30am – Greg Little – The Native American Death Journey and the Path of Souls

Greg will provide a compelling audio-visual presentation on the Native American death journey and its cosmic geography, which features just three asterisms - Scorpio, Orion and Cygnus, the last two acting as sky portals onto the Milky Way. Cygnus and the fork or cleft created by the northern opening to the Milky Way's Dark Rift or Cygnus Rift signified the point of entry into the afterlife proper. Greg has been examining Native American mound complexes across the United States and has found that many feature mount-to-mound alignments toward both Cygnus and Orion, as well as alignments to the sun at midwinter. He will be revealing his findings in this exclusive UK date.

Greg’s latest research has focused on the Liberty Group mound complex in Ross County, Ohio, where even more alignments to Cygnus, Orion and the midwinter sun have recently been confirmed.

12.45pm – lunch

1.45pm – EarthQuest Core Event

In the afternoon on the Sunday we shall be doing something slightly different. Under the banner of the EarthQuest Core Event various key researchers will attempt to show why understanding intuitive processes is important in the exploration of ancient mysteries sites around the world, such as Gobekli Tepe and Giza.

Richard Ward, author of Echoes from the Primal Grimoire explains how key figures of the past made contact with alleged otherworldly personalities, whose manifestation had a deep impact on their work and studies. He will demonstrate how we can use similar processes today to advance our own knowledge of the past.

Graham Phillips, fresh from his lecture on King Arthur the previous day, will in his own inimitable way explain how communications with the unseen world triggered his own career in the world of alternative archaeology, and how the audience can initiate similar periods of creativity.

Conference manager, esoteric philosopher and researcher Debbie Benstead-Cartwright, co-author with Storm Constantine of the book The Inward Revolution (1998), will continue where Richard and Graham left off, explaining the importance of using intuitive dreams and visions to trigger new research projects.

Writer and priestess of the goddess Caroline Wise, the author and editor of Finding Eden: The Questing for Elen of the Ways (2015), will explain how communication with the goddess through inspired dreams and vision questing aided her in understanding the origins of the goddess Elen, and how this can lead to very real occurrences in the physical world.

All of these core event talks will be half an hour in duration, and will close with a talk by Andrew Collins on why he believes that discoveries regarding Giza and Gobekli Tepe are coming out at this time. He advocates the use of intuitive processes to communicate with the quantum universe. Afterwards, he will lead a coordinated meditation based on these ideas, where, collectively, we shall reach out to the perceived non-human intelligences seen as representative of the emerging picture building at this time in the ancient mysteries movement.

The conference will end at 5pm.

Some older News ....

Atlantis in the Caribbean

I have a new book published by Inner Traditions this coming month entitled Atlantis in the Caribbean and the Comet that Changed the World." It is a completely revised edition, with lengthy new introduction and afterword, of my 2000 book Gateway to Atlantis. It ably demonstrates that:

- Plato's knowledge of the destruction of Atlantis came from Phoenician and Carthaginians journeys to the Western Atlantic seaboard, including the Bahamas and Caribbean

- Atlantis's central island as described by Plato was Cuba, its sunken lands being the former Bahaman landmass, as well as other areas of the Caribbean reclaimed by the sea shortly after the last ice age

- Its method of destruction was the comet impact of 10,800 BCE, and the subsequent rise in the sea-level caused by ice melt waters flowing into the Gulf of Mexico during the Younger Dryas event, ca. 10,800-9600 BCE

- Ample evidence of underwater archaeological remains exist off the coasts of various Bahaman islands, as well as evidence of human activity in drowned caves within the Bahamas, showing that the former landmass was occupied thousands of years before the first official inhabitants arrived here from Cuba ca. 500-600 AD

All pretty standard stuff really, although it is surely a far cry from the old adage that Atlantis is the memory of the destruction of Minoan Crete due to the eruption of Santorini some 3,500 years ago. To argue this theory historians and sceptics have had to persuade us that Plato got all his dates wrong, he wrongly estimated the size of his island continent, and wrongly located the Pillars of Hercules and the Atlantic ocean. Now we don't have to invoke such crap to ably demonstrate that Plato actually got it right, and that Atlantis really was located on the western Atlantic seaboard and was drowned, finally, ca. 10,800-9600 BC.

I also exclusively reveal the full story behind the discovery of the Cuban underwater structures by ADC Communications in 2000, and what I think about the matter today, and I am not kind, in all honesty.

There is also a detailed assessment of the recent discovery in shallow water, south of the island of Bimini, of an archaeological ruin of great significance known today as Brown's Ruins. Today it is merely a strewn field of huge blocks made of blue schist, spread out like a fan towards the south. However, enough can be seen to suggest that this was perhaps a built structure that suffered the impact of an almighty tsunami at some point in the distant past. My colleagues Greg and Lora Little have dived the site on several occasions, and Lora will bring you a full report on their findings within her exclusive UK lecture at Origins 2016. Greg, whose own work with Lora investigating the underwater structures located in Bahaman waters was inspired in part through reading my book Gateway to Atlantis, has this to say about Atlantis in the Caribbean:

"Collins has compiled the most thoughtful, comprehensive, and rational book ever written on the controversial topic of Atlantis."

Anyway, you can get Atlantis in the Caribbean now from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the in depth research I have conducted into this subject.

Cover of Atlantis in the Caribbean by Andrew Collins

Tour Expedition to Armenia and Georgia

From June 1st to June 11th 2017 Hugh Newman and I embark on a tour of Armenia and Georgia (with add ons to Gobekli Tepe and eastern Turkey, May 29-June 1st), which will explore the prehistoric, ancient and most sacred places of these countries.

Among the sites to be visited in Armenia are the Dvin pyramid, Agarak carved caves, Portasar "Naval" Stone, Karahunj "Armenia's Stonehenge," Hartashen megalithic avenue, Metsamor observatory and various rock cut churches. In Georgia we visit the Khervisi Fortress, megalithic ruins at Saro, Uplistsikhe cave town, Vardzia cave town, Narikala Fortress, and various other sites as well.

Obviously, Karahunj is top of the list of sites to be visited in Armenia, especially as the layout of this incredible megalithic complex is thought to resemble the shape of the Cygnus constellation in its guise as a vulture, angegh in Armenian, which is the form Cygnus takes in Armenian star lore. Compounding the Cygnus link is that the site is believed to be aligned to the Cygnus star Deneb (and click here for my take on the subject).

Karahunj in Armenia. Its stones are laid out to resemble the star pattern made by the Cygnus constellation (pic credit: Wiki Commons Agreement, 2016).

Please note that the two add ons to Turkey are optional and not part of the main tour, which does NOT enter Turkey at any point.

The tour includes quality hotels, most meals, entrance to sites, local flights, ground transport, English speaking guides (but does not include international flights, trip insurance, drinks and tips).

Click for full details and immediate registration using paypal or click the flyer.

Cambodia and Java Tour

If you fancy joining Hugh Newman of Megalithomania and myself in Cambodia and Java in March 2017, why not check out this upcoming tour we have arranged in concert with Travel the Unknown. It takes in various sites in the Angkor Wat area, including all the major temples. We will also visit the Hindu-Buddhist temple complex of Preah Vihear, where you will see a style of megalithic architecture in one structure unlike any of the other buildings. A case can be made for this structure dating back to an earlier age of activity at the site.

From Cambodia we shall be travelling on to Java, where you will see the megalithic complex of Gudung Padang, which could easily be pre-8000 BC in origin. Our guide for the tour of the site will be geologist Danny Hilman, who has done such great work bringing the previously unknown core architecture of Gudung Padang to the notice of the archaeological world. We shall also visit the incredible Hindu-Buddhist temple complex of Borobudur as well as various other key sites, including the location where one of our earliest ancestors, Java Man, was found by anthropologist Eugène Dubois in 1891.

Click for more information on this unique tour to Cambodia and Java.