Andrew Collins Newsletter Vol. 12 No. 1 (May 2009)

iv. Edge Media Controversial TV

Sky channel 200 is Edge-Media Controversial TV, the first media channel to exclusively feature programmes relating to alternative subjects. Everything from crop circles to UFOs, abductions, conspiracy theories, new age philosophies, complementary medicine, secret societies and occult history are among the topics discussed and argued on a weekly basis. Recently, I appeared on Theo Chalmers "On the Edge" programme to discuss the merits of The New Circlemakers. This hour-long interview is to go up on YouTube shortly. On the show I have my arm twisted to exclusively reveal certain facts about the discoveries featured in Beneath the Pyramids, so it is worth watching for this alone.
Edge-Media have also agreed to screen for the first time on television the documentary behind The Cygnus Mystery DVD, which was put together by Dr Greg Little on behalf of ATA - Memphis Archetypal Productions. This will be a great first for me, and so if you can watch it please do. If you haven't see it, it is very amusing in the wrong sort of way. Yet it also helps explain just how and why cosmic rays might have affected human evolution, as well as the development of religion, across tens of thousands of years if not more. I'll be in touch by email to let you know when this screening takes place.
In the mean time, do check out Controversial TV, which although in its infancy is trying to get together some cutting edge programming. Help support them at the very least by watching some of their shows, which are straight forward and informative. Visit their website and watch online at