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One of the greatest stories in Egyptology in recent years unfolded in 2008 when a previously unknown cave complex was discovered beneath the very shadow of the Great Pyramid on Giza's famous plateau. The furore it caused quickly escalated into an unprecedented media circus, involving dramatic claims and counter claims, a TV reality show ("Chasing Mummies") and feverish on-site explorations, all thanks to the involvement of Dr Zahi Hawass, Egypt's Minister of Antiquities.

Now the full story is revealed in a compelling new DVD, which features interviews with key figures behind the caves' discovery, including Andrew Collins, Nigel Skinner-Simpson and Rodney Hale, as well as reconstructions of events, unseen footage of the caves, and a complete account of how the complex was found, and what exactly this might mean to the evolution of the Giza pyramid field.


Nigel Skinner-Simpson and Andrew Collins
survey the Giza plateau.

This amazing story begins with Andrew following up astronomical alignments at Giza featuring the stars of Cygnus, the celestial bird, a.k.a. the Northern Cross. Aligning them to the three Pyramids highlights the possible position to a cave entrance equated with the ancient Egyptian tradition as the Duat or underworld.

This led Andrew and his team to a previously unrecognised tomb in Giza's northern cliff, quickly dubbed the Tomb of the Birds, due to its apparent use as a bird necropolis in honour of a local bird deity.

They find no entrance to hidden realms here, although simple survey lines projected on to the plateau by technical engineer Rodney Hale hint that this site has a much greater significance.

Quite separately, Andrew's colleague, the Egyptological researcher Nigel Skinner-Simpson, has been on the trail since 2003 of lost "catacombs" west of the Great Pyramid, explored in 1817 by British diplomat and explorer Henry Salt. Nigel's research takes a new turn when in May 2007 he reads Salt's personal memoirs, recently unearthed in the British Museum. They reveal how this former British Consul General to Egypt, along with the Italian explorer Giovanni Caviglia, explored caves for "several hundred yards into the rock" before coming across a spacious chamber that linked with three others of equal size, from which various "labyrinthick" passages continued into the darkness.

Henry Salt (1780-1827)

Using Salt's own notes and hand-drawn plan, Nigel painstakingly reconstructs the explorer's excavations at Giza and finally realises that the location of the cave entrance is the Tomb of the Birds!

With this new knowledge, the team return to Giza and on March 3rd, 2008, finally locate the concealed entrance to what every other Egyptologist and explorer had missed for nearly 200 years - the lost caves of Giza!

Yet what do the caves mean? Are they the entrance to the lost Hall of Records? Do they go all the way to the Second Pyramid - the legendary site of the Tomb of Hermes, Egypt's traditional founder of civilization? Do they contain the original Emerald Tablet, said to have been buried with Hermes? Do they preserve the memory of a structure known as the Green Chamber, on the walls of which are written the originals of the pyramid texts?

This is a must see experience for anyone even remotely interested in the Great Pyramid, the mysteries of the Sphinx and the search for the Hall of Records

Narrated and produced by Dr Greg Little.

ATA-Memphis Archetypal Productions Forgotten History Series - #7

DVD - 83 minutes Universal Format


The first 250 copies will come with a special colour postcard of the caves (picture not shown on this page) signed and numbered by Andrew. This will be slotted into the DVD box.

On the postcard's reverse is Andrew's monumental announcement of the caves' discovery made by email to John van Auken, the director of the team's sponsor, the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), on March 04, 2008, the day after they first entered the complex:

"Wonderful discoveries. We have penetrated into the cave system within the tomb of the birds, and
confirmed that this is the start of a cave system that stretches beneath the plateau.

We have taken many pictures and footage.

It is incredible stuff."

This special postcard will be personally dedicated on request by writing to Andrew either via PayPal or email upon applying for a copy of the DVD

Andrew in the caves at Giza

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