Andrew Collins Newsletter - June 2016

Andrew and Danny Hilman at Gunung Padang, Java, in 2015(pic: Hugh Newman).

Read about the latest news on weird star KIC 8462852: Brian Schaefer refutes claims his discovery of star's light curve dimming taking place across a period of 105 years is just the use of different telescope lenses. See Tabetha Boyajian's TED lecture on KIC 8462852. Learn about the 175,000-year-old Neanderthal sanctuary found in SW France. Also archaeologists reveal that First Americans reached North America 50,000 years ago according to new evidence from Topper site, South Carolina. Read about upcoming events - News of incredible new tour with Hugh Newman and Megalithomania to Cambodia and Java in March 2017 - More tours to Egypt and Gobekli Tepe. Plus all the details of upcoming conferences


Hi, hope this e-newsletter finds you well.

KIC 8462852 LATEST

First, the galaxy's weirdest star, Cygnus's KIC 846282. I can report that American astronomer and astrophysician Professor Bradley E. Schaefer (Lousiana State University) has rebutted recent assertions that different types of telescope lenses explain Schaefer's own claim, reported in a recent edition of The Astrophysical Journal, that a long sequence of Harvard College Observatory slides records the star's extraordinary light dimming process across a period of 105 years up to 1989.


Bradley E. Schaefer

This would confirm the observations between 2010 and 2013 of the Kepler Space Telescope, which shows that the star's light is dimming periodically by as much as 20 percent, a near impossibility in astronomical terms. With the only known natural explanation (a swarm of comets) now dispelled, this situation has led to serious speculation that the star is surrounded by a structure of artifical construction similar to the concept of the Dyson Sphere or Dyson Swarm, which is harnessing the sun's energy in order to supply an alien civilization.


KIC 8462852 in X-ray frequencies

Although Schaefer has made no comment about the idea of an alien megastructure, or megastructures, surrounding KIC 8462852, also known as Tabby's Star, he does make it clear that the sceptical astronomers who have debunked his work never examined the archival slides before making their assertions, and running to the press before even completing their thesis, published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters (ApJLett).

Read Schaefer's rebuttel is here:


It seems that some people just can't handle this great mystery of our time, which is challenging everything we know about our place in the cosmos. The astronomers behind the research on this star are now crowd funding online to secure enough money to monitor the star 24/7. So if you have some spare cash this might well be a good cause to support.

Also, when you get a moment, watch this TED talk with Tabetha Boyajian, the discoverer of KIC 8462852. She explains how the star was found, and explains its potential importance to the world of science. More incredible, as she explains, it was humans that first noted the strange light curves associated with this star, after computer programs failed to highlight its significance.

Tabetha Boyajian doing her TED lecture


Boyajian comes across like the female astronomer in the film Contact played by actress Jodie Foster. This, if you recall, was about humanity's first contact with alien intelligence, and in some ways what is happening right now feels somehow similar, even though a natural explanation for the light curves could still be found.


Here is my own article on the star, which shows its importance to the Cygnus Mystery,which theorises how cosmic rays from Cygnus X-3 could be influencing human evolution. What I suggest is that if alien life does exist in the vicinity of KIC 846282, which is located on the path between Cygnus X-3 and our own solar system, then arguably it too was evolved by cosmic rays from the same source, only much stronger than their affect on life down here on earth:


It is important to remember that KIC 8462852 is 1480 light years distance from earth. This means that what we see today occurred 1480 years ago. So whatever it is that surrounds the star was operational 1,480 years, and might simply be a visual remnant of a now lost civilization, true anicent aliens if you like.

More on this fascinating topic soon.


There is now incredible new evidence of the sophistication of Neanderthals as much as 175,000 years ago. Hundreds of piled up stalagmites creating oval and circular enclosures have been found in the deepest section of a cave in SW France. It shows that long before anatomically modern humans arrived in Europe Neanderthals had a complex mindset with expressions of modernity. Plus it suggests that they understand the notion of ritual and perhaps even contact with the spirit world. If so, then how did they perceive the spirit world, and could this communication have affected their own evolution? What did they come into contact with deep down in those caves in the French Pyrenees?


The Bruniquel cave, near the Pyrenees Mountains in southwest France, where the 175,000-year-old structures have been found.

More on the advanced nature of Neanderthals and their hybrids in my DVD lecture Lost World of the Human Hybrids. See Amazon and Megalithomania.co.uk. for copies. I also show in my book Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods that the Watchers and founders of Gobekli Tepe were themselves Neanderthal-human hybrids.

Reconstruction of the Neaderthal sanctuary in southwest France.


Finally, the Topper archaeological site in South Carolina has revealed firm evidence that humans were at the site 50,000 years ago. This is 32,000 years earlier than previous estimates concerning the arrival of the first peoples on the North American continent, and 37,000 years prior to the spread of the Clovis culture, long seen to be the first peoples to inhabit the continent.

This news is absolutely stunning. For mainstream archaeologists to accept such dates means big changes are taking place inside American archaeology. Remember, academics long insisted that there was absolutely no evidence of human activity prior to Clovis, and any evidence that was presented was dismissed out of hand. Just how much evidence of North America's earliest inhabitants has now been lost or destroyed? Who knows.


Topper site, South Carolina.

I would love to see evidence of the tools from that period. Perhaps one of the news pages shows them. Let me know if they do. Very likely the earliest inhabitants of the Topper site were hybrids - either Homo Sapiens-Neanderthals or Denisovan-Homo sapiens-Neanderthals, or some combination of these different types of hominid.

Here's the original story:



Below you will see a list of coming events for the next year including the upcoming tours I am doing with Hugh Newman and Megalithomania. If any of these take your fancy, book now, and I'll see you there. On June 26th I am speaking at the John Michell: Earth Spirit Symposium in London. I shall be speaking on the very latest findings regarding archaeoastronomical discoveries at Gobekli Tepe and Giza. There is a relationship between both sites, which is becoming clearer as each year passes. I shall be speaking about these connections, and explaining some of the sacred geometry Rodney Hale and I have found at Giza. Read the article Rodney Hale and myself did entitled:

A Study of the Simple Geometrical Relationship of the Main Monuments of Giza and a Possible Connection to Stars




In September I go to Egypt with Hugh Newman and Megalithomania, which which are doing in connection with the Khemit School of Egyptology. We shall be visited a host of great sites throughout the country, and if you come along you will learn my own latest research into the origins of Egyptian cosmology.

Hugh and I shall hopefully be returning to Gobekli Tepe on a mini break in October.

November 12/13 sees the Origins 2016 conference, with all the details outlined below. Tickets are already selling well, so make sure you get your earlybird tickets soon!

Then March 17th-31st next year Hugh Newman and I will be conducting tours around Cambodia's Hindu-Buddhist temples, and then going on to Java to visit Gunung Padang, the beautiful Buddhist complex of Borobodour and much more.

All details of all tours and conferences are given below.

Best wishes, and be in touch soon.

Andrew Collins

For more information on all upcoming events go to:


June 2016

Saturday, June 25. John Michell Symposium, 10-5pm. Andrew Collins reveals all regarding the latest developments at Gobekli Tepe and Giza regarding astronomical alignments and cosmology. Venue: The Art Workers Guild. Admission: £50 or £45 Members of the Temenos Academy/Concessions. A limited number of student concessions available at £25. Includes tea and coffee. For more information click here.

September 2016


Full Details of Egypt & Baalbek Tour Here

October 2016

Andrew Collins and Megalithomania Present

Göbekli Tepe Mini Break

Gobekli Tepe's Enclosure D.

Saturday, October 15th - Sunday, October 22nd 2016

Explore Istanbul, Göbekli Tepe, Sanliurfa, Karahan Tepe, Harran and Nemrut Dag with Andrew Collins and Hugh Newman

8 days/7 nights - Istanbul - Göbekli Tepe twice - Harran - Karahan Tepe - Sanliurfa - Nemrut Dag



November 2016


Join Robert Bauval, Graham Phillips, Hugh Newman, Maria Wheatley, Andrew Collins, and from the USA special guests William Henry, and Greg and Lora Little, for one of the most extraordinary weekends of the ancient mysteries calendar year. Listen to lectures, news and revelations, and share views and ideas with others on the quest of discovery.

Plus New Sunday Conference ...

Join us on the Sunday for a day of talks and lectures from world class speakers. Appearing on stage on the Sunday morning Greg and Lora Little and in the afternoon enjoy the EarthQuest core event with Graham Phillips, Debbie Benstead-Cartwright, Caroline Wise, Richard Ward and Andrew Collins. Learn the latest news, find out how you can get actively involved in the ancient mysteries, and learn to use intuition, quantum realities and onsite investigations on your own quests of discovery.



March 2017


March 17th - 31st 2017 - 15 Days

Hosted by Andrew Collins and Hugh Newman, with guest in Java, Danny Hilman

Explore the beauty of the Buddhist-Hindu Temples of Cambodia, and the 20,000 year-old pyramid hilltop site in Java that is rewriting the history books with Andrew Collins, author of Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods and many other bestselling books, along with Hugh Newman, author of Earth Grids and Giants On Record. They will be joined by expert on Gunung Padang and geologist Danny Hilman in the Java part of the tour.

Click here for full itinerary and immediate registration