xxi. The True God Star.

In December 2005, an American scientific think tank called the Meinel Institute of Las Vegas, founded by former consultants to the NASA-linked JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), came forward and announced that it now believed that cosmic rays from a galactic binary system producing relativistic jets was responsible for a rapid acceleration in animal and human evolution around 40,000 years ago. It was at this time that great changes occurred in human advancement, most obviously the appearance of anatomically modern human beings in Europe and Asia and the emergence of cave art.

The Meinels used the Beryllium-10 data produced by the Greenland ice cores to achieve a point source for the cosmic rays that reached Earth during this distant epoch, and although this led them initially to Cygnus, where they searched in vain for a possible microblazar, they eventually concluded that the only realistic source was the Cat's Eye nebula in neighbouring Draco, the dragon.

Aden Meinel.

The Cat's Eye nebula taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Picture credit: Hubble Space Telescope Photos/NASA.

This, they believe, fits the data obtained from their detailed examination of the Greenland ice core data, which enabled them to deduce a suitable search area in the northern night sky. However, top theorists on planetary nebulae are unable to accept the Meinel's candidate for the production of such powerful cosmic rays, since the Cat's Eye is deemed too weak, and no evidence exists to show that it produces high energy radiation that might ever have reached the earth.

More likely is that cosmic rays from Cygnus X-3 were able to more subtly influence human evolution during the Palaeolithic age, allowing our most ancient ancestors to become dimly aware of this point source of activity through prolonged shamanic experiences deep underground.

In addition to this, it becomes clear that the memory of this cosmic influence, seen as divine, was behind the emergence of religion, art and intellect. This was abstractly recognised and preserved, eventually becoming the basis for the ancient cosmology behind the symbolism found even today among various world religions, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism.

This knowledge, added to Cygnus's omnipotent presence as the cosmic axis during the Palaeolithic epoch, must have had a profound affect on the ancient mindset. Cygnus quite literally became the gateway to the realm of heaven, which brought forth cosmic life and death.