In mythology angels are beings of great beauty and intelligence - messengers of God who fell from grace through lust and pride.

The truth, however, is even more remarkable ....

Ancient texts speak of how angels known as Watchers lusted after mortal women who subsequently gave birth to giant offspring referred to as Nephilim. They also record how these apparently physical beings revealed to mankind the forbidden arts and sciences of heaven. Through their actions these clearly human angels, and their Nephilim sons, were sought out and either incarcerated or put to death by those Watchers still loyal to heaven. Any remnants of this fallen race were then swept away by the Great Flood during the age of Noah.

What do these stories represent? What do they preserve? What, or who, were the angels and Watchers of heaven? In FROM THE ASHES OF ANGELS Andrew Collins demonstrates how the stories behind the fall of the Watchers appear to echo the faded memory of real events in a distant epoch when human angels openly trafficked with mortal kind. In a personal quest that crosses from Israel to Babylon, Iran, Turkey, Kurdistan and finally into Egypt, the author traces the existence of a powerful lost race completely neglected by the pages of history.

It also shows that these human angels - described as tall, with white hair, burning eyes and viper-like faces - may well have originated in Egypt and been responsible for the construction of the Great Sphinx and the other megalithic monuments along the Nile shortly before the cataclysms that accompanied the end of the last Ice Age.

Assembling clues from archaeology, mythology and religion, the book puts forward the hypothesis that Eden, 'heaven' and 'paradise' were all a single geographical area in Turkish Kurdistan. This same region was seen in Near Eastern mythologies as the abode of the gods, the realm of the immortals and the domain of angels. Here the Watchers would appear to have remained in virtual isolation before gradually integrating with developing human society on the plains below. Sumer, Akkad and Iran may all have developed as a result of the Watcher's influence on the rise of civilisation.

Is the memory of the Watchers also behind the stories of open contact between the gods and goddesses of Sumer and Akkad and mortal kind, as well as the accounts of wars with bird-like demons, devils and vampires named Edimmu who lived in underworld domains beneath the sands of ancient Iraq?

The evidence suggests the answer is yes ...

Subjects featured - The Book of Enoch * Dr John Dee & Enochian magic * Dead Sea Scrolls * origins of Satan and fallen angels * Babylonian Captivity * Zoroastrianism * Magianism * Shahnameh * divine kingship * vulture shamanism * death trances * Catal Hoyok * The Search for Eden * Kurdistan * Yezidis * The Peacock Angel * Yaresan * Azhi Dahaka * Djinn * changeling babies * Sumer * Akkad * sacred marriage * Protoneolithic age * Ubaid * Jericho * Hapgood * Fire and Flood * origins of hell and Sheol * Egypt's sphinx-building culture * Age of Leo * Antarctica * Watchers today

'An exciting and original intellectual quest, Andrew Collins has put important new facts before the public concerning the mysterious origins of human civilisation.'

Graham Hancock, journalist and author of FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS and co-author KEEPER OF GENESIS

'... a fascinating piece of research which does much to bring the biblical world of Eden back into the historical spotlight. Only time and further study will confirm Andrew Collins' hypothesis of an advanced culture of prehistoric date existing in the mountains of eastern Turkey. If he is right, then this book will have staked its claim as a major contributor to the study of the genesis of civilisation.'
David Rohl, Egyptologist, broadcaster and author of A TEST OF TIME

'In a very persuasive manner, Andrew Collins argues his compelling new theories of the origins of western civilisation. An important literary contribution - his well researched ideas of Kurdish and Near Eastern history should keep us thinking for many years to come.'
Mehrdad Izady, Professor of History in Near Eastern studies, University of New York, and author of THE KURDS - A CONCISE HANDBOOK.

'FROM THE ASHES OF ANGELS is meticulously researched and written in no-nonsense terms. It covers a wide range and a long time span, and makes a fascinating case which gains weight from not being over-stated.
'Andrew Collins detailed research gives this book a rare authority; his style and reasoning make it a compelling read.'
John Sassoon, authority on Mesopotamian studies and author of FROM SUMER TO JERUSALEM

'Andrew Collins has uncovered an astonishing revelation of the unknown vistas of prehistory, a veritable 'forgotten world' holding profound implications for our understanding of human origins and the mysterious roots of civilisation ... a magnificently researched work; its startling conclusions will undoubtedly reverberate over the coming decades.'
Nigel Jackson, authority on comparative mythologies and author of books such as LORDS OF MISRULE and THE HORNED PIPER

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The Genesis Secret. Read this in depth review by Andrew Collins of The Genesis Secret by Thomas Knox, a.k.a. journalist Sean Thomas. Among the subjects covered are: Gobekli Tepe as the biblical Eden. The Story of the Watchers. A Clue in Albinism. Watcher Origins on the Nile. The Watchmen of Gobekli Tepe.

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