Andrew Collins Newsletter Vol. 12 No. 1 (May 2009)

i. The New Circlemakers

The first book to appear is the re-mastered edition of my book The Circlemakers, which, from a personal perspective, attempts to explore the nature of the crop circle phenomenon and its relationship to UFOs, mysterious lights, fifth dimensional environments, prehistoric sites and the human mind. I produced 5,000 copies of the book originally and sold them all in just three months back in the summer of 1992. In 2007 the ARE Press, the publishing arm of the Edgar Cayce Foundation at Virginia Beach, VA, asked to republish The Circlemakers.

They scanned in the old text and when I received it for review, I realized immediately that this could never go into print. It was just too outdated for 2009. So I set about re-writing the entire work, keeping only the basic framework of the original text, which initially focuses around a memorable, eventful and very amusing weekend in July 1991, when myself and a group of friends visited the crop circle centres of Wiltshire and Hampshire to explore the latest crop of formations to appear over the summer months. Everything from Wilhelm Reich's orgone energy to prehistoric sites, plasma vortices, fairy rings, Chinese geomancy, Japanese zen gardens, Native American medicine wheels, sand paintings, prehistoric art, strange ill effects and fairy abductions come under scrutiny as I look for the core behind this much maligned modern-day mystery.

The book is brought up to date with new chapters and a long and essential Preface 2009, which sets the scene for what we know today about the world of crop circles. Among the additional text is new evidence that some UFOs and abduction experiences relate to plasmoids, i.e. plasma constructs, which might even contain unique forms of life. Moreover, I show that such intelligent phenomena might have been influencing human evolution for as much as 200,000 years, and that deep space objects such as Cygnus X-3 might contain some form of sentience that is involved in this evolutionary process, a subject being explored by cutting edge scientists today. Moreover, I argue that psychic communications with alleged extraterrestrial sources by modern-day light workers might well be involved in this extraordinary process of what I call deep space consciousness.

Additionally, I show that although a large percentage of the modern crop circles are, in my opinion, created by "human circlemakers" in the small hours of the night, the part these individuals play has been underestimated. They are like the surrealist painters of the 1940s and 1950s who believed that their art was channelled from either the higher self or the spirit world. The human circlemakers all believe they are part of something bigger than themselves, and are perhaps guided by unseen forces. I demonstrate also that the circles phenomenon goes back at least 400 years, and is even present in native American folklore.

There is much in The New Circlemakers, which is lavishly illustrated with over 30 colour plates and many internal illustrations. All copies from the author are signed. If a personal dedication is required, this must be stated separately by email to me via the website.

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