Andrew Collins Newsletter Vol. 12 No. 1 (May 2009)

And Finally ... ARE Ancient Mysteries Conference. Crop Circles 2009

Just to let you know that I shall be special guest speaker at the ARE's Ancient Mysteries conference in Virginia Beach, VA, 8-11 October, 2009. I shall be exclusively revealing our discoveries regarding the search for the Egyptian Hall of Records, the subject of my book Beneath the Pyramids. For more information, go to I look forward to seeing some of you in Avebury in September. Let's hope it is as nice weather like it was last year.

Crop formations are appearing already in fields of rape seed. Examples are visible in Avebury, Clatford, All Cannings, East Kennett and elsewhere. Some of them are of huge size as well, which is entirely unusual for this time in the season. It has been suggested that this is due to the arrival locally of singer-songwriter and former Take That member Robbie Williams, who has become the latest resident in the village of Compton Bassett, just up the road from Avebury. He is into all sorts of weird stuff, from UFOs to crop circles and more, and might be impressed by this year's sudden new crop of formations. However, I think this is being a little too cynical!

For more information on crop circle appearances throughout the summer season go to and